English Outside the Classroom in Florida

For international students visiting Florida, we offer an exciting "English Outside the Classroom" program. You will learn Conversational English while visiting West Palm Beach and other parts of Florida with your instructor.

English Outside the Classroom

Program Details

You can also choose to learn English while visiting West Palm Beach and other parts of Florida with your instructor. These classes outside the classroom offer first-hand experience as the most efficient way to receive cultural orientation and and acquire general knowledge of English during the activities with your instructors.

Each student will be accompanied by one of our instructors for 2 to 6 hours a day (time may vary depending upon the activity and your choice), Monday through Friday. Additional activities for 5 - 6 hours are available on Saturdays and Sundays. Student and teacher will visit a variety of interesting places: museums, cultural activities, sporting events, shopping centers, and popular tourist attractions in the beautiful Palm Beach area.

This is an additional course to any of our Group or Private courses. Students pay all additional expenses incurred during the activity, including those of the instructor.

In Palm Beach County, you'll find everything from world-class spa and fine dining to exhilarating adventure, breath-taking golf courses, trendy shopping, modern nightlife and enriching culture. Your visit to Florida is guaranteed to be one that will lift spirits, warm souls and provide memories for years to come.

Course Details

You can select among a variety of trips, including weekend outings.

Price: $60.00 per hour (10 hours minimum)

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