French Language Courses in West Palm Beach

French Language Courses in West Palm Beach are offered at Palm Beach Language Institute for children, college students and adult learners, executives and professionals. We offer French classes with private one-to-one tuition with flexible schedules and intensity. All teachers are native French speakers.

French Language Courses in West Palm Beach, Florida

Program Details

You will have lively and interactive French language classes. French classes are communicative based with an emphasis on developing speaking and listening skills. Students also learn grammar and structure and develop their reading and writing skills. The goal of our French classes is to make you comfortable using the language in any situation you may encounter in everyday life.

Our teachers will provide you with the ability and confidence you need to face the world in French. All our teachers are highly qualified native French speakers with university degrees and experience in teaching French as a Foreign Language.

You can choose our group French classes for adult learners and children. Each session lasts 4 weeks and includes a total of 24 lessons of instruction (6 lessons a week, classes meet two times a week, 3 lessons a day, 1 lesson = 45 minutes). Starting date: the first Monday of every month.

Classes are small with no more than 8 students in the class.

Group lasses are offered at 5 levels:

  • Low Beginners.
  • High Beginners.
  • Intermediate 1.
  • Intermediate 2.
  • Advanced.

You will be placed with students of your level and will study in a setting that is comfortable for adult learners. Students must take the placement test before the beginning of their classes. If there is only one or two students in the class, the number of lessons is reduced to 12 lessons and you will receive private (semi-private) classes at a discounted rate. Private/semi-private classes may be taken one time a week for 4 weeks (3 lessons a day), or two times a week for 2 weeks (3 lessons a day).

The tuition fee for the group course with 24 one-to-one classes is $360.00. 1 study session = 3 lessons, 1 lesson = 45 minutes. Application fee of $50.00 and materials copy fee of $20.00 are additional.

Our customized private French tutoring programs with one-to-one classes are tailor made for each student. We will analyze your individual language learning goals and create a personalized program adapted to you with regard to the course content and a timetable of your course.

The tuition fee for the private course with 12 one-to-one classes is $432.00. Each additional lessons is $36.00 per lesson. 1 study session = 3 lessons, 1 lesson = 45 minutes.

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You can start learning French at Palm Beach Language Institute and continue with immersion program abroad. French Language Travel Abroad and French Language and Culture Immersion Programs are offered by West Palm Beach Language Institute's partner French language Schools located in France, Canada (Montreal) and Switzerland (Lausanne). We have special agreements with our partner schools - all students of West Palm Beach Language Institute enrolled in our partner schools abroad will receive a 10% discount on tuition fees.

Our internationally recognized partner French language schools offer you a wide variety of French language immersion courses in Paris and Nice, Montreal and Lausanne. These programs will introduce you to various aspects of French culture and society. French language lessons at our schools focus on communication; beyond grammar books and written exercises, our professors include a variety of oral and listening elements with up-to-date technology to stimulate a comprehensive understanding of the French language and French Culture.

Our Teachers

christel-french-teacher "My education background is in Law and real estate and it's only once I left France that I realized how important it was to me to preserve my culture, sharing and transmitting it to others teaching French. In my opinion, everyone should be able to learn a foreign language... what one really needs is patience, dedication and the guidance of a good teacher!

France remains a very popular destination, therefore many wish to speak French. Either you are a beginner, want to refresh your skills or are planning a trip to France, I will do my best to assist you, focussing on your needs and goals." Christel.

Christel is a native of France from Paris, she joined Palm Beach Language Institute last year. Before joining the faculty of PBLI, she taught French in Europe and found it deeply rewarding! Her teaching and research areas include grammar and conversation.

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We offer high quality private language courses for adult learners and children.

The tuition fee for the group course with 24 one-to-one classes is $360.00.

The tuition fee for the private course with 12 one-to-one classes is $432.00.

You can start private classes any time!

Questions? Call us at : (561) 629-5943

Memebership & Affiliations

American "The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) is the only national organization dedicated to the improvement and expansion of the teaching and learning of all languages at all levels of instruction. ACTFL is an individual membership organization of more than 9,000 foreign language educators and administrators from elementary through graduate education, as well as government and industry."

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